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As an independent bid professional with over a decade of experience across a range of industries, I work with bid teams and business managers to craft winning tender documents, contract proposals and capability statements.

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Tender Reviews

A tender review is an excellent cost-effective way of ensuring that the tender your team has produced complies with the tender requirements, adequately responds to the questions posed and presents a professional impression of your business. A review can be scheduled either close to submission or as a series of reviews conducted at key milestones during tender preparation. A review will identify and correct anything that might be going off track while provide suggestions for a more powerful response. I can also assist with post tender reviews aimed at improving internal tendering processes, developing better supporting materials and increasing tender writing and production capability.

Tender Writing

I will work subject matter experts to craft a tender document that highlights your unique strengths and tender strategy while ensuring that all responses are well written and to the point. I can also assist with graphical design and document formatting — including the use of MS Word and Adobe Indesign document formats.

 Tender Mentoring & Training

I work with Business Owners, Managers and Tender Professionals to improve their tenders and tendering capability. A trained personal coach and experienced corporate manager, I understand business pressures and cultures and can provide objective, personalised mentoring to people struggling to cope with complex tender and proposal documents. Having worked with a range of clients as a trusted advisor, I can help set up tendering systems, provide guidance on identifying key differentiators and review documents for technical compliance and sales impact. Working along-side your team, I ensure effective skill transfer to increase tendering competence and enable you to more confidently tackle tenders on your own.

Tender Strategy & Client Understanding

My understanding of both sides of the tendering process means that I can help your business to get tender-ready by reviewing your documentation, identifying and preparing in advance the supporting information and documents. This allow you to quickly and professionally respond to the full requirements of tenders without having to omit or scratch together key components at the last minute. A winning tender strategy will define and clearly express what it is about your service or product that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Tender Project Management

Tendering is a time-limited, results focused activity that often involves a great deal of stress and confused rushing about. I take the stress out of tendering using effective project management tools and a calm, ordered approach to working with Subject Matter Experts, Sales Professionals and Managers. By tailoring the project methodology to the time constraints and complexity of each tender I ensure that smaller, time compressed tenders are streamlined, while more complex tenders are tightly managed to ensure quality is maintained and deadlines met.

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